Heartlink Institute

The task was to completely rebrand the Heart Research Institute (HRI) towards all audiences through the creation of a clear and unifying identity. Whilst HRI is well known in the medical world, brand awareness in the public domain is limited and they lack visual differentiation from competitors. Hence HRI needs a bold, new image that attracts and inspires the new generation. Deliverables included a new name, logo, identity, and visual language, which must all ultimately work to increase brand awareness and engagement.

HEARTLINK reinvigorates HRI to reflect their spirit of innovation, collaboration and wonder. As an intersection between labs to life, the rebrand embodies HRI’s integration of logic and creativity. Heartlink is bold, fearless, and compelling, empowering those who will choose to join them in conquering heart disease. The rebrand brings HRI to life and creates a new image of empowerment, innovation, creativity and inspiration. Heartlink communicates the connectivity of the institute’s research, collaboration, and energy.


Branding, Identity, Logo Design.

Year Completed: